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About Devacier series

Goods introduction

About Devacier series
DevancierTM  line has good result and DevancierTM  line is safe.
For all skin types cosmeceuticals.

Several clinical studies have shown Significant Improvement of skin conditions.
And these results also showed Devancier ™ line is very good for
1)Sensitive Skin.
2) Skin treatment after laser therapy or chemical peeling.
3) No adverse effects.
DevancierTM line Skin Care Course
STEP1 QS Cleansing Oil ( Morning and Night )
STEP2 QS Snow Powder ( Morning and Night )
STEP3 QS Lotion ( Morning and Night )
STEP4 QS Moisture Essence (For Dry or Sensitive Skin)
STEP5 QS Milky Lotion ( Morning and Night )
STEP6 QS Eye Cream ( Night )
Corporate information
Company name
I.C.ICosmetics Japan, Co. Ltd.
Zip 220-8401
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Bld. 3rd
3-3-1 Minatomirai, Yokohama, Japan
Research achievements
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